Are you an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse? 

It is time to #ShedTheShame™. 

What is #ShedTheShame™?

The Movement

Are you an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse? If so, the scars that remain can be overwhelming. At times you can feel alone and desperate. Sometimes you still think it was your fault. Adult survivors of childhood abuse often grow up with deep scars, and most battle addiction, depression, anxiety issues, suicidal thoughts, and a host of other ailments. 

The Purpose

#ShedTheShame™ is a nationwide campaign empowering men and women who suffered from crippling childhood abuse. This website provides you the opportunity to share your story and help other people just like you who may have suffered through similar trauma.  

The Survivors

This movement is for YOU. Adult survivors of child abuse are often forgotten about. The stigma of "get over it" and "you should be okay because it happened years ago" can simply be too much to bear. it is important for you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This movement is a safe place for you to come forward, even anonymously, and shed the shame of your past. Wear your scars with pride, and refuse to let your past dictate your future anymore. 

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#ShedTheShame™ Testimonials

Jonnieellen's Story

 My name is Jonnieellen and I'm am 19. I'm a survivor of child sexual  abuse. The first time I was 3 and it continued for long time. The second  time I was 13 and it continued until the day my attacker took the life  of my step mom in October 2013 when I was 16. I faced him in court for  my step mom in January 2016. I was told to not say anything about what  he did to me because no one would believe and he would get away with  it because it's my word against his. When I was 17 my friends parents  took money from a guy in our town and allowed him to break into our  house and rape me. I didn't know he paid them till I moved out and he  was caught similar things with a minor. And the messages between him and  we're found.  The way I coped with it was was toxic. And it dragged me  farther and farther down into my depression. I have lived in fear  everyday for years. my ptsd and anxiety and depression has been terrible  for as long as I can remember.  I wake up multiple times a night due to  night terrors of my attackers. I couldn't stop what happened to me and I  have blamed myself for the longest time for what happened to me. I do  not see myself as good enough and worth life. And in so I have attempted  to take my life Multiple times. Not anymore. Today I #ShedTheShame. I am not a victim I am a survivor and I will get through this one step at a time. 

Rachael's Story

 I  was trying to find the right words to say as I post this photo, so as  not to offend anybody but then it came to me that I don't care! Many may  not know what #ShedTheShame  is, so let me give you just a little insight, I have a coworker who's  wife was a victim of childhood abuse, and after her passing he felt it  in his heart to be her voice, to stand for those who can't or won't! He  has created a bill called Constance's  bill, which would ensure that children have a way to report child abuse  safely. This weekend my heart was hurt as my family reopened the wounds  of my past. I remembered that I work with this man who could help me  heal, so I reached out to him. I had a talk with him that really helped,  and today as my first step to my healing and forgiving process I am  sharing my photo of this bracelet which reminds me that I am no longer  the victim and I will overcome this! Thank you Michael Reed for your words of encouragement, my heart already feels less heavy! 

Constance's Story

Constance Reed, along with her two daughters, Chloe and Lily, passed away in 2016 in the tragic wildfires that ravaged Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Her husband, Michael, has created The Reed Foundation and #ShedTheShame™ movement to honor her one wish: To save others. Molested as a child, she struggled for years to cope with the scars of that abuse. Her video, made in 2015, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and continues to empower other people to come forward and tell their story.


Amy Lynn and The Reed Foundation are partnering to bring you her newest single, "Sparrow". If you are an adult survivor of childhood abuse, we invite you to listen to these words.  We hope Amy's message in this song touches your heart. 

It is time to #ShedTheShame

Are you ready to #ShedTheShame™? Great! We are so proud of you! If you are ready, you can use the contact form below to tell us your story. Once submitted, we will contact you privately and discuss which parts of your story you would like to share either publicly or anonymously. Your story can save the life of someone going through the same experiences that you did. Please note: All information received will be CONFIDENTIAL unless otherwise specified. We look forward to hearing from you.

Faith. Hope. Love.

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